Pilot Pen Overachievers Grant

The G2 pen from Pilot is the country’s #1 selling gel-ink pen that writes twice as long as any other brand in the category, perfect for “overachieving” Moms out there who need a dependable writing instrument that’s comfortable, smooth writing and long lasting. To highlight this leadership position, Pilot and Bright Red created the Pilot G2 Overachiever’s Grant, an annual nationwide program that awards grant prizes to local community members (including students) who go above and beyond to give back to their communities. Hundreds of entrants each year handwrite essays explaining why their nominee deserves this honor of $50K to help with their charities, and Bright Red creates content that brings “overachievement” to life in a way that’s powerful, emotional and most importantly, great for local communities.

Pilot Pen FriXion

The FriXion pen from Pilot is the country’s #1 selling erasable pen, a product of advanced technological wizardry that includes heat-sensitive thermal ink that disappears when friction is applied (like an eraser). This game changing product allows consumers to create, erase and re-create without messy crossouts or torn paper. Bright Red understood that a key audience for this product is tweens and young adults who are often required to handwrite with pens in school, so we created communications strategically designed to appeal to younger audiences, with actual demonstrations of the erasing that focuses on the “wow” of the product itself. With a Pilot FriXion in hand, you are free to be as creative as you like, to write and create fearlessly.


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