Hotel du Pont

Hotel du Pont


How you re-invent a hotel that’s over 100 years old and position it for today’s contemporary traveler? The iconic HOTEL DU PONT, in Wilmington, DE, has hosted kings, queens, celebrities and all the social glitterati for over a century. Part of the legacy of the DuPont family, the hotel was being renovated and restored to its former grandeur.

The agency felt it was important to protect the heritage of the hotel, but make the brand equally impactful and modern. We used Momentum® Planning to take a deep dive into the history, goals and vision of the ownership, and developed a fresh platform – “The Grand Dame Has Her Swagger Back”—designed to make the hotel feel very today, without sacrificing yesterday.

Included in the brand identity work was a fresh logo, new color scheme, font, imagery and hotel collateral.


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