Momentum is a highly disciplined process to clarify your ambition and develop fresh, new thinking to
generate growth. Our clients gain Momentum, and a larger share of the future.


The way we look at your world, and the current situation.


Trends, insights and analysis that create opportunity for growth.


How you will be positioned to gain a larger share of the future.


Momentum® is our proprietary process that super-charges strategy and gives it wings. It’s our 360-degree look at the landscape, identifying the TRUTHS a brand must face before digging into the consumer’s head for INSIGHTS to understand the energy and emotion around the brand or category. From there we create a brand’s AMBITION — the stake in the future that elevates the brand to a higher order place in the consumers mind. And from there we develop the MOMENTUM idea itself – a fresh perspective on the brand or category that propels the brand forward.


Establishing direction and adding MOMENTUM.
Agency teams work through a highly disciplined process intended to identify opportunities, overcome challenges and accelerate growth.

Actually, we prefer to call it MEDIA ARTS.
We believe anything between you and your audience IS media. So, we put no limits on the playing field for our creative teams. Go forth and create!


A whole new brand of public relations.
PR is tough to actually define at Bright Red. It’s one part strategy, one part creativity, mixed with incredible execution that sets our PR team apart.

Full-service media teams plus Omnicom power.
Online, offline and everything in between. A full compliment of in-house media resources and technology supported by $30 billion of Omnicom media clout.

It’s not digital first. It’s digital always. 24 / 7/ 365 / 360
Our digital teams can go toe to toe with any digital only firm in the business. Strong strategy complimented by leading edge technology and impeccable delivery in any digital landscape.

Connection through social channels that produce results.
We don’t look at social as a channel. It’s an entire world that invites connections with context and demands engagement with purpose to deliver results that are measurable.


Long Term Partnerships, Bright Red and Pilot Pen

What is the longevity of the relationship between your agency and the brand and how did this relationship begin? We have been the AOR ...

Liz Paradise Joins Omnicom’s Bright Red As Chief Creative Officer

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Aug. 20, 2018 – Liz Paradise joins Omnicom’s Bright Red, a Tallahassee-based hyper-integrated marketing communications firm, as the first Chief Creative ...


If you want to know more about the agency, how to become a client, or how you join our merry band of pirates, then send us a note. New biz emails go to Angela and new employees contacts go to Sheila. We’ll get back to you soon.

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The world has changed — at least for now — and so has our website. It’s time to ReThink the way we communicate and the way we look at audiences, media, content, channels, opportunities, partnerships, conversions, analysis and the future as we help clients rise up and meet the challenge of the new normal. ReThink is a fresh new planning platform built to respond to COVID-19 and take your particular situation into consideration. ReThink includes purpose built solutions to help you regain Momentum and reshape the world in your favor. To learn more about how we can help your business ReThink, click below.